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Research and consulting

TRi Facts research is based on the solid foundation of years of work with Africa Check, the continent's first fact-checking organisation. Using both academic and journalistic skills and experience, we produce accurate, insightful and reliable reports using only verifiable sources. Our findings are tailored to the specific focus of the client.

TRi Facts gives you customised research solutions. Our experienced team will guide you through the research process, first identifying your needs and then offering expert advice on the specific research strategy appropriate to the goals of your organisation.

We offer a range of research methods. These include consulting primary and secondary sources, and quantitative and qualitative research. 

Since 2002, Africa Check has worked to expose disinformation and produce accurate information about Africa. This gives us a unique insight into African markets, including their dynamics and stakeholders. Our broad research expertise covers communication and media, consumer trends and behaviour, health and education, and more. 

Using our wealth of fact-checking expertise and experience, we also offer background checks and screening of individuals and legal entities. This service evaluates the accuracy and reliability of information about an individual or organisation.

We are an experienced team offering customised research solutions. Your needs will guide our approach and we work closely with you, offering advisory services to incorporate the findings as part of your bigger strategy. We use a variety of research methods and commonly combine secondary and primary as well as quantitative and qualitative research. 

Our research lives from the experience and expertise we have gained in our work with Africa Check over the past years: We rely on our fact-checking expertise to provide you with insights that are accurate and reliable using only verified sources. We utilise our journalistic skills to produce reports that are primclear and communicate findings adjusted to the target group to have the biggest impact. 

Our expertise lies in African markets with their unique dynamics and key stakeholders. We have a broad focus on a wide range of topics with a particular interest in communication and media, consumer trends and behaviour, health as well as education. 

Background checks and screenings of individuals and legal entities are one of our focus areas. With our well-honed fact-checking skills and experience, we are well placed to evaluate the accuracy and reliability of information about an individual or organization.

Secondary research

  • Literature reviews
  • Country profiles and industry briefs
  • Company profiles and screening 
  • Competitive landscaping: profiles of key players and their rankings
  • Professional identity screening

Primary quantitative research

  • Computer-assisted telephone interviewing (Cati)
  • Computer-assisted personal interviewing (Capi)
  • Online surveys
  • Social media surveys, including on WhatsApp
  • Community panels 
  • Omnibus surveys

Primary qualitative research

  • Focus group discussions
  • In-depth interviews
  • Ethnographic immersions
  • Observation
  • Mystery shopping
  • Product testing

Advisory and consulting

  • Research design 
  • Monitoring and evaluation 
  • Impact assessment  
  • Diagnostic tool design and development