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Professional identity screening

Background checks and screening of individuals and legal entities are one of the services we offer through our extensive fact-checking expertise and experience. This evaluates the accuracy and reliability of information about a person or organisation.

Bringing a new client, partner or staff member on board is an important step for any business. But each decision to work with someone new comes with risk to the business's integrity and reputation. Our screening services reduces that risk.

Professional profile screening is more important than ever to business success

Businesses and financial institutions have to both ensure compliance and understand who they are working with. This requires an assessment of the person or organisation's background. But gathering, filtering and verifying the relevant information is challenging and time-consuming, especially with high net-worth individuals and people who are politically exposed.

TRi Facts is your partner of choice to identify and assess reputational and integrity risk

We offer the following professional profile screening services:

  • Background checks of individuals and companies 
  • Identification of possible reputation and integrity risks
  • Verification and monitoring to provide accurate and updated information

These will give you the relevant background information you require to make informed decisions about your stakeholders.

We also serve as a single point of contact for high net-worth individuals, aggregating their information and then communicating it to all their service providers. 

We work with you to answer your specific questions 

We customise our approach to your unique needs .Our agile structure allows us to efficiently work in collaboration with you. For financial institutions, we have developed a framework that can be adjusted to specific requirements. 

Our standard reports have the following components:

  • A profile of the individual or legal entity
  • Evaluation and verification of self-declared information 
  • Reputation risk 
  • Litigation risk analysis
  • International evidence of sanctions or criminal activities