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Case Study: Supporting the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (International IDEA) on mapping the information environment around elections in the region

To what extent is false and manipulated information being shared across Africa? And how
effectively are false claims identified and flagged?

False and manipulated content has become commonplace in today’s world, especially around
matters that have the public’s attention, such as elections. Manipulated or fabricated content that
aims to influence election results or hamper the electoral process is of particular concern.

Africa Check supported International IDEA with research on the topic in six African countries: Kenya,
Ethiopia, Nigeria, Senegal, Tanzania and South Africa. Our experts searched the Internet, looked
through fact-checks and spoke to key experts on the ground to find examples and analyse current
trends and developments in relation to dis- and misinformation and its impact on elections.

We at TRi Facts have a deep understanding of the dynamics of false information and fact-checking
across various African countries. Our team of researchers can put together reports that will shed
light and offer insights, trends and developments in relation to false information across the
continent and produce case studies about specific examples.

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