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Our story

TRi Facts (Pty) Ltd was launched in 2015 as the commercial arm of Africa Check, the continent’s leading fact-checking organisation. TRi Facts offers customised training and reputation management services, using Africa Check’s extensive research and fact-checking expertise and experience.

Africa Check itself was established in 2012 as the first independent non-profit fact-checking organisation on the continent. We currently have offices in Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal and South Africa.

Over almost a decade, our researchers have investigated and exposed incorrect claims about a range of issues of relevance to African countries. These include false Covid-19 cures, erroneous economic data cited by public figures, and misinformation that may lead to social conflict – including crime statistics, and the number of foreign nationals, in South Africa.

This has given Africa Check unparalleled skills and experience in both fact-checking misinformation across Africa, and in providing accurate and reliable information to the continent’s people. Over the years our researchers have built expertise in not only fact-checking, but also in the closely related fields of training, research and communication strategy. 

Africa Check realised there was a real need for these services in the commercial market. Research and consulting is a competitive market with many service providers, but clients were increasingly concerned about the reliability and accuracy of the data provided. At the same time, concern about integrity and reputational risk due to more scrutiny, especially on social media, was also increasing.

Clients started asking Africa Check to provide reliable research insights, help them verify their information and support the design and implementation of impactful communication campaigns. That’s when the idea of a commercial subsidiary within Africa Check was born. TRi Facts brings you the expertise and experience of Africa Check. The team offers comprehensive and flexible services to address the fact-checking, verification and research needs of paying clients. We are  an independent entity, but consider Africa Check to be our parent organisation.

We remain committed to the heritage of Africa Check and live the same values. While our teams are separate, we draw on the fact-checking, verification and training expertise Africa Check is renowned and respected for. We pride ourselves in our collaborative approach with a focus on the specific needs and ambitions of our clients.

It is not only our professional approach, our thoughtful collaboration with clients or our high-quality service – clients are attracted to TRi Facts because we remain a purpose-driven organisation. Our profit is entirely used to support the work of Africa Check and other fact-checkers across the continent, ultimately strengthening democracies. We are excited to be working with you on our journey.