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TRi Facts, Africa Check's training, research and information subsidiary, offers a range of fact-checking workshops, verification and research services and consulting with a focus on identifying and communicating facts.

TRi Facts (Pty) Ltd was launched by the continent's leading fact-checking network to share Africa Check’s expertise and experience with you. We offer fact-checking training, verification and research services and consulting with a focus on identifying and communicating facts.


Our training programmes equip participants with the necessary theoretical knowledge and practical fact-checking skills to stop the spread of false information and respond to harmful claims. More than 4000 individuals ranging journalists, NPOs, government organisations, the corporate sector and the general public have benefited from our training.

Information & Verification

We are a trusted partner for verification services: We identify and verify your claims and can provide you with related background information and insights. In the face of an increasing circulation of false information combined with high scrutiny on publicly released material, these services are essential for public campaigns and advertising, books and documentaries or material for your communication strategy.

Research & Consulting

We offer bespoke research solutions utilising a variety of research methods, including primary data collection, literature reviews or in-depth background research. Our reports are reliable, primclear and have the biggest impact for the target group with our unique approach incorporating our fact checking expertise and utilising our journalistic skills.

Professional Identity Screening

We are specialised in professional identity screening with a focus on high net worth or politically exposed individuals. Our services include background checks of individuals and companies, verification of self-declared information and the identification of possible reputation and integrity risk factors,

About us

We are a subsidiary of Africa Check, the continent’s first independent non-profit fact-checking organisation established in South Africa in 2012 with offices in Kenya, Nigeria and Senegal.

Africa Check has gathered valuable experience how to fact-check and reach people with accurate and reliable information across the continent. As the team was working towards its vision, they built expertise, not only in fact-checking but other closely related fields, such as training facilitation, research, and communication strategy. We are looking forward to sharing this expertise and experience with you.

It is not only our professional approach, our thoughtful collaboration with clients or our high quality service - clients are attracted to TRi Facts (Pty) Ltd because we remain a purpose-driven organisation. Our profit is entirely used to support the work of fact-checkers across the continent and essentially to strengthen democracies. We are excited to be working with you as part of our journey.

Harambee, Youth Employment Accelerator

“TRi Facts, and by extension Africa Check, were able to help us develop this competency by being responsive partners who were willing to adapt their offering to our organisational needs. They understood that the challenge we faced was in finding, verifying and disseminating accurate information to our network of over 700 000 young people.”

CSO-participant, Kenya


"I will use the skills and knowledge in my advocacy work. I will be able to check the facts of the claims from either rights holders or duty bearers on each other."

Fojo Media Institute


“TRi Facts very swiftly provided the requested courses, with relevant content tailored to different groups and with pedagogical methods suitable for online trainings. The instructors showed great engagement and involved the participants in fruitful discussions, both verbally and via the chat function. Some exercises were also provided to make sure the participants had tested and familiarized themselves with the tools used.”